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The List of Our Exemplary Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Services

Making use of your bare yard by installing a lawn is a good move. But it does not end there. You would also have to invest in ways to keep the beauty and appeal of your lawn. That would not be a problem though because you can always turn to Edwin Lawn Care for the job. We provide exemplary yet budget-friendly residential and commercial lawn care services in and around Glen Cove, NY that you can always take advantage of. Here’s the list of our impeccable offers:

Commercial Lawn Care Service

Commercial Lawn Care Service

Commercial Lawn Care

Do you need help with the maintenance of your commercial lawn? We got you covered. Here at Edwin Lawn Care, we specialize in lawn care jobs. We are complete with cutting-edge lawn care equipment and high-quality products to ensure your commercial landscape will look presentable at all times.

Residential Lawn Care

Is it residential lawn care services you’re looking for? Look no further than Edwin Lawn Care! We don’t just handle huge commercial lawn care projects, but we are experts in hassle-free residential jobs too. Rest assured that you will always have healthy plants and well-manicured trees on your landscape when you turn to us.

Plants and Shrubs Planting

If you are looking for reliable plants and shrubs planting services in and around Glen Cove, NY, you can never go wrong in placing your confidence in us. We can help you choose the most suitable and beautiful plants for your garden.

Sod & Seed Service

When it comes to sod and seed service in Glen Cove, NY and the surrounding areas, our company comes first for wise property owners in the area. Exemplary customer service, affordable rates, and timely services can be expected from us.

Trimming and Pruning

By getting your trees in perfect shape at all times, we also mean it literally. It can be done through regular trimming and pruning efforts. And you can always turn to us for the job!


In addition to the impeccable lawn care services already mentioned above, we also provide mulching, topsoil, and planting services that will surely guarantee your complete satisfaction. We even handle brick patio jobs and provide driveway services!

To avail of our great offers, simply call us at (516) 415-1129 now!

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